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Quality Living. Exceptional Care.

Are you looking to find a new home with
specialized care and a wide range of amenities
for your aging loved one?

With a variety of assisted living amenities
and specialized healthcare, Bethany Home
is here to add years of life to those you love.

Application Materials

Edie Puls and Janet McEvoy

Regarding their mother’s care at Bethany Home

The one thing we’ve really found with Mom and other relatives and friends who have been here at Bethany is there is a plan for each individual resident. It’s not a one size fits all. Bethany developed a plan that makes Mom thrive, and the caring staff is what makes the difference.


Cindy Sykora

Regarding her parents’ care at Bethany Home

We can go on vacation for a week and know that everything will be okay with Mom and Dad. I’m updated constantly on any kind of issues or problems with my parents’ health, and I know they’re in a good place. 

Julie Vyberberg

Regarding her mother’s and mother-in-law’s care at Bethany Home

There’s great communication at Bethany. Right now we’re experimenting with some medication for my Mom, and the staff is keeping great tabs on her, which greatly assists me in making smarter choices regarding her healthcare.